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Travel stories @ Ghudsavar

Travel stories from all over the world, written in English only, are welcome. 1,000-5,000 words; send in .doc or .docx format.

Travel stories from non-native speakers of English but written in English are particularly welcome. Informative content may be accepted if there is some element of a story or poeticity to it. Stories will be published here as and when accepted and will be permanently archived. You may send pictures with your stories as long as you hold the copyright to pictures as well. In case you use pictures of others, you must take permission from those who hold the copyright and inform me as well that you do not hold the copyright to those pictures.

Send travel stories to this email: 

Payment for a published travel story: USD25

AI-generated text is strongly frowned upon and may result in blacklisting for the future.


Stories from the Americas.

South and East Asia

Stories from South Asia and East Asia.


Stories from Australia, New Zealand and the nearby Pacific nations.


Stories from Africa.

Middle East

Stories from the Middle East.


Stories from Europe.

More about Ghudsavar Travel

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About the monetisation of Ghudsavar Travel section

I will be putting travel-related affiliate links in the stories in order to monetise this section of Ghudsavar. If you are not OK with it, please do not submit.
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