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From the editor's desk

Welcome to the third issue of Ghudsavar!

This issue has been notable for the reason that I received several submissions in Hindi, too, this time. It would be difficult for me to be able to put in words the pleasure this has provided me. The result is that for the first time, the magazine is able to present an equal number of Hindi and English poems. The quality of the English poems received, too, made me very happy, and now, without much further ado, I am proud to present to you the new issue of Ghudsavar. Readers are requested to keep sending their suggestions, feedback and appreciation to the magazine's email.

Happy reading!

Ankur V Agarwala

Editor, Ghudsavar Literary Magazine

April 2024, Lillestrøm, Norway

X / Twitter: @ankurwriter

Facebook: @ankurwriter

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