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Elisha Oluyemi

Elisha Oluyemi won the 2022 Lagos-HCAF Contest (Prose) and has a psychological thriller forthcoming in the 2023 Mukana Press Anthology of African Writing. He co-edited the PROFWIC Crime Fiction Anthology, Vol 1, won the 1st-runner-up prize in the 2022 Shuzia Flash Fiction Competition, and is a mentor under the SprinNG Fellowship initiative.


Elisha also has writing published/forthcoming in Mystery Tribune, Brittle Paper, L=Y=R=A, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Sledgehammer, Terror House, 100-Word Project, The Milton Review, Salamander Ink, Ngiga Review, African Writer, Arts Lounge, Kalahari Review, TSTR, and elsewhere. He writes in the psychological and literary genres.


Tweets @ylisha_cs.

A History of Disappearance

(...written after those who left.)

my brother told me last year:

to lock hands is to share a soul. so then, he treats all connections like a

needle prickle: touch and flinch away.


contact is another name for fellowship. in the latter is the enigma of fate. 

why would a man stand on the mouth of a road and

gaze at the memories of those who have left as though they

were silhouettes becoming full of life and colour 

and skin with each step that brings them close? 


what are memories but illusions of newness?


last week, someone who has left gazed into the abyss, and

their legs were soon in the air, flailing,

their memories of us were sinking in the pit.


can you not wait?

can you not stay?


did you have to fall headlong and chase the shadows?

did your voice have to echo in the pit?


those who have left have shed their scents.

i grab their smells and mould them in the

way of a snowman, in the likeness of a god.


i place the god on a pedestal. 

and i go on my knees, my head bowed in

reverence as i mutter a prayer:

that this creation keep me close. that its soul be merged with



lest my voice echo in some pit. 

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