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From the editor's desk

Welcome to this historic, first issue of Ghudsavar Literary Magazine!

I made the decision to start this literary magazine having felt two lacunae on the literary landscape: one, the absence of Hindi voices on the published scene even though Hindi is one of the top five spoken languages in the world; and two, when it comes to literary output in English, a certain 'white dominance' even though English today is the language of the world, not just the language of the English.


This is the reason that Ghudsavar decided to publish poetry in both Hindi and English languages, and I am happy to say that I received several quality submissions, some of which did not adopt sophistication for the sake of it and rather took to simplicity and sincerity. This is not to say that sophistication is bad per se -- some of the poems in this issue are quite complex to understand fully in one read.


As the editor of this magazine, there were certainly some challenges in putting together this issue, most notably in getting the word out about this magazine. I still have relentless efforts to make in that direction. I would love it if the poets published in this magazine as well as the readers of this magazine also do their bit to make this magazine known, through both social media as well as word of mouth.


Ankur V Agarwala

Editor, Ghudsavar Literary Magazine

August 2023, Lillestrøm, Norway


Twitter: @ankurwriter

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