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Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a writer, haikuist and a veterinary medicine student from Nigeria. A Thomas Dylan shortlist and a Pushcart nominee, He reads submissions at Sea Glass Literary Magazine and edits for the Incognito Press. His works are published in Gone Lawn, Hooligan Magazine and more.


He tweets from @tinybecomings

The skeleton and the wardrobe

I keep dressing my grief in different ways,

hoping someday it can be invited to a timeless party

where everything is embraced

regardless of the beholder's eyes.


Yesterday, I was with someone, sharing my sorrow

that I'm merely breathing to survive.

They smiled, their smile seemingly endless,

and confirmed they are living to breathe.

They suffer from asthma, while I still have control over my lungs.


At times, I still marvel at my hands and wear time

on my wrist. I step into it, and sometimes I step out

to observe the wrinkles attempting to fade

into the arrival of dawn. My grief resembles theirs,

yet I still find ways to escape and slip into sleep.

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