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From the editor's desk

Welcome to the second issue of Ghudsavar Literary Magazine!

It feels sometimes better to be able to continue a worthwhile endeavour than to launch it, and this is precisely how I feel in presenting to you Ghudsavar's second issue. Even if my intentions have always been to make Ghudsavar an institution in itself, a bulwark of quality reads, yet, in the face of what life throws at you, one always wonders if one can make good one's promise. So it is immensely satisfying to bring together some more new voices writing in Hindi and English. Fifteen poets from all over the world find an expression to their diverse voices in this issue, and I believe there is something here for each reader's taste and humour.

For those readers who liked something here, please support the magazine: you could tell your friends and library reading partners about it, you could follow the magazine and the poets published within its pages on social media, you could send me feedback or suggestions (and I love that!), and/or you could even support the magazine through one-off or regular donations. Remember Ghudsavar believes in paying its writers for their contributions, even if it is not a very high amount, as I believe that sincere creative efforts should always be recompensed.

Here's wishing everyone, not least our writers, a happy, productive year ahead! See you in 2024!

Bonne lecture !


Ankur V Agarwala

Editor, Ghudsavar Literary Magazine

December 2023, Lillestrøm, Norway


X / Twitter: @ankurwriter

Facebook: @ankurwriter

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