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Thorns Kyle

Thorns Kyle is an African poet. His poems have featured in several Kenyan magazines and forthcoming in World Voices Magazine, Praxis Magazine, Synchronized Chaos and elsewhere.


X / Twitter: @pyreandphoenix


an empty page s t r e t c h i n g in front

of him means he’s beating out answers from

a fear


that ravages him. say

soon, the pages will become

the portraits of discoveries

& wounds—


the spaces between

the star lights that pervade

the darkness he swims in. he's 

in a dark place like a secret—a

bleeding thing in a field of agaves


he calls home. watch

him bang the walls of these pages

as if what is to be worshipped should

be heard. each line engraved, meaning

an escape from these realities—the


unbottling of the body out of a dark

night. watch him spill &

drown in the nearby cathedral's 

symphony, as the pages become


him. in a soliloquy, he calls

upon himself, as if lost &

a gust of wind peels the pages open

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