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Anandi Kar

Anandi Kar is pursuing Masters in English from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. As a young poet, she has already drawn significant attention of readers and critics. Some of her poems have already been published in journals and magazines like Indian Literature, Scarlet Leaf Review, Indian Review, Poems India, The Chakkar and Muse India. She reviewed some works in translation for the Antonym Magazine and translated Sunil Ganguly’s poem for The Indigenous. She has worked as a content writer for the popular Instagram page “Chai and Feminism.” Kar was born on 19 May 2001.

The Tangerine That Sobs

The highest branch of

the lanky orange tree in my yard

created a cut on the moon.

The drops of light dribble down the

scaly branches slowly like a reptile.

I take a bite into the orange.

It is mellow

and sobs like an infant


I bite into it.

A ripe tangerine

that is sad and cannot take no more

jumps from the branch.

Days later,

it swooshes out of the dark waters and

its carcass

is a bland poem that I wrote someday

and am ashamed of.


like ghosts

my poems are wrapped

with the incense of lonely tangerines.

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